Dog Clothing That Provides Protection From the Sun

dog sun protection clothing

Most people have never even considered the fact that their precious pooch can get a nasty sunburn without the proper dog clothing. Believe it or not, it’s true. They can actually get sunburned so badly that blisters will form. Dogs with thin or light colored coats are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of the suns harsh rays. Hairless breeds are certain to get sunburned if special precautions aren’t taken.

If learning about this shocks or maybe even worries you a bit, fear not. You can buy dog clothing to protect your best friend. Anything that covers the skin will provide a certain degree of protection but there is on the particular item called a sun coat that you may want to consider picking up.

These sun coats are made of lightweight material so your dog won’t get overheated. Many of them are also water resistant so a light rain won’t bother your pooch at all.

For areas of your dog that the sun coat doesn’t cover the ears and muzzle, you can apply a specially formulated doggy sunblock. There’s one made by a company called Doggles that I’ve used that seems to be good.

If you prefer not to use chemicals that are in sunblock on your pet, you’ll have to find some way of shielding your dog from the suns rays. Those who own dogs that are particularly susceptible to getting a sunburn should do what they can to keep their pets in the shade. Of course, this isn’t possible or practical all of the time so you’ll need to find a way of covering your dog’s skin.

Sometimes you’ll find special, lightweight reflective coats that your dog can wear but these tend to be a bit difficult to find. We have a light colored dog with a pink nose and we have a little sun visor that he wears to keep the sun off of his little nose. It’s really cute but it did take a bit of training before he would quit trying to rub the visor off with his paws.

Any lightweight t-shirt type dog clothing will work to keep some of the suns off of your dog as well.

It’s important to keep in mind that you wouldn’t want to wear a wool sweater when it’s 90 degrees outside and your dog wouldn’t either. Anything you dress him in during these hot days should be made out of thin material. One thing that our dogs seem to enjoy quite a lot is if we dip the dog shirt into a tub of water and the wring it out before we put it on them. Then, as we take them out in the sun, they enjoy the cooling effect of the damp shirt. When it drys out, we simply take it off, get it wet again, and put it back on.

Whatever you do, please remember that your dog can get sunburned too. It’s miserable for you when you have a sunburn and it’s miserable for your dog as well. The main difference is they don’t have any way of protecting themselves from the sun. They have to rely on you for that.

Here’s a short video made by a Veterinarian that talks about another danger that dogs face during the hot summer months. It provides some very important tips for keeping your dog protected from the heat.

Who would have thought that dog clothing could save your favorite pet from sunburning and suffering?

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